Fire and Safety Systems

M-CO can design and install a fire alarm system that will protect your employees, your property and your facilities. We will obtain the required permits for your system and assist you with preparation of drawings. At project completion, we will coordinate with your local Fire Marshall for testing and system certification and will provide as-built drawings as required.

Full Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Services
Inspection, testing and maintenance are your keys to compliance safety. Fire Codes stipulate that systems, and their devices, must be periodically tested to ensure system functionality in the event of a possible disastrous situation. Regardless of the probability, knowing that mechanical and electrical devices are subject to failure, our company and services help ensure that your system works and will not compromise your safety during an emergency.

Nurse Call Systems

Clear and easy communication is vital in healthcare. Whether the communication is patient to staff, staff to staff, staff to hospital, or an incoming or outgoing call to a loved one, we offer a variety of technologically advanced systems to improve your ability to communicate. Nurse Call systems can be integrated with your entire systems database, allowing you and your staff to be more responsive and efficient with patients.

Services include: