Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems

At M-CO we know what security issues business owners face and we are committed to helping you achieve total security.  We install UL listed and approved devices to assure that our systems operate in a proper manner and comply with the strict requirements of local building, electrical, and fire protection codes.

Some types of businesses have specific requirements such as if a refrigerator or freezer temperature has increased, if there is a spike seismic activity, or if a door has been left open too long.  M-CO installs advanced detection systems allowing the monitor of any type of situation while notifying specific people when certain conditions occur. 

Installing a monitored security system will qualify you for discounts on your insurance.  The amount of the discount depends upon your individual business or home and the amount of protection you have installed.  Ask your insurance representative for more details.

Residential Security Systems

M-CO is continually learning the latest technology designed for your home.  These state of the art systems improve your quality of living by combining security, fire protection, entertainment, and automation. Whether you need a basic security system or a home automation system that controls lighting, temperature, entertainment, and security, M-CO will customize your home to fit your lifestyle needs.

Services include: